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Unsere Projekte

Where ?

… in the historic farmhouse Oberbarnscheidter Hof, rebuilt in 1755, a settlement already mentioned a 1000 years ago in the annals of the famous Werden - Monastery of St.Ludgerus.

… and in the large attached  Inventors-Garden of about 8000 sqm with old limetrees, beechtrees oaks and a beehive.

How ?

so that children may …

… in small groups, jointly, playfully and cheerfully gain experience, to find the hidden treasure in themselves and learn to live respectfully…

… find out their intuitive abilities to call for

The adventure of consciousness and joy

… grow up and develop as free as possible, happily and  all-embracing  and gain self-confidence to realise boldly their creative dreams.

Why ?

… to invent the future joyfully.

… to learn continously so that new synapsis will be formed in our brain.

… to find the hyphen between spirit and matter.

… to transform ideas into material forms.

… to BECOME what we are destined TO BE.

Who ?

The Inventors Workshop welcomes curious  8 - to 14 - year-old girls  and boys and their parents and grandparents …and all those who are  longing  for adventures and new experiences.

When ?

Courses, workshops and lectures take place from Monday to Friday, 15.00 to 19.00 hours.

If required also on weekends.

What ?

The Inventors Workshop is a place to learn the basics of handycraft  and technology of our

gigantic  sciences.

Currentlly two teams concentrate on building LEGO-Robots and prepare themselves to participate in the LEGO-Competition

…and dream of „Living Robots“.

The pottery offers courses for children, and adults.

A pianist student teaches children the correct use of the black and white row of  keys.


…Curious engineers and friends of the VDE listen to our„Robotniks“ explaining the programming of their robots. In 2013 we achieved third place in the Lego-competition.

… The champions of the competition for building an electric motor – investment of less than 0,50 € (!) won a sightseeing flight over the Lake Baldeney and took the title-photo. The motor in series with a transformer converts DC to higher voltage for a LED!

… The younger „Robotniks“ are constructing model motorboats from milkcartons driven by candle and pulsmotor.

… and a model of an electrical amphibien-tricycle.

… and models of Stirling-engines.

… Future architects and engineers build and play with the famous Anchor Blocks (450 kg free gift of Prof. Georg Plenge!)

… The 3-storey tree-house model is under construction.

Lectures 2014 for (little) friends and (grand-) parents :

—  „Living Robots“ and iPsen  

—   flying with a single-engined Cessna to INDIA

—   are our„Robotniks“ future Nobel-Laureates?

—   Wilhelm Busch a humorous psychologist

—   awarenes and consciousness

—   is the energy turnaround possible?

—   is intuition the next level of conciousness

—   technical evolution seen by a robot

—   how to learn from couragous personalities (from G.Tersteegen)

—   Schillers poem „The Bell“ – culture or amusement?

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